You are invited to the OASFiS Christmas Party!!

The OASFiS Annual Christmas party is just about here.


When: Sunday December 16th starting around 12:30 pm.


Where: Patty Russell's house - email for directions.


What: Christmas pitch in. A main dish will be provided plus drinks (coke, sprite, diet coke, etc). If you would like to bring a side dish, salad or desert that would be great. Please let me know what you intend to bring when you RSVP.


What else: You will have an opportunity to renew your annual membership in OASFiS so bring cash, a check or reasonable trade in. You can register online for the club here.


This is also the time when we vote for president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and con chair, so come prepared to do your democratic duty. We promise to have all votes counted before Christmas.


We will be having our Yankee swap again this year. If you wish to participate, bring a wrapped gift (cost $10 - $25) for the swap. The gifts are numbered and then each person who brought a gift picks a number out of a hat. The person who picks #1 gets to open gift #1. The person who has #2 can either swap gift #2 for gift #1 or can open gift #2, etc. This continues until all the gifts are open. Details on how a yankee swap works is here.


RSVP to [email protected]